New Website!

Well here it is!  A work in progress, but it is up and running. Our first priority is to get our calendar on track. We want you to be able to pop in at any time and see what is coming up.  When you tap on a calendar date you will get more info for that class if available, such as photos and supply lists. 

On Sunday, March 19th, LaRee, Kim and I will be headed out on our cruise to the Mexican Riviera with Frank Garcia. Several of our customers are coming along. We will post pictures when we get back. Debbie Jenks will be here to take care of you oh all and the store while we are gone, so pop in to keep her company!

Thank you all for your patience while we get everything together. We will also be updating our email lists so that we will be able to send out updates about sales and last minute classes. You guys are so supportive and we want to thank you for being our customers. 

Come in to see us soon,